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I am a 24 year old personal trainer who has grown up in the fitness industry and began teaching my first group fitness class at the early age of 13. With time, I have learned how hard women are on themselves and one another. I have a passion for helping others learn how to obtain a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained, teaching women the importance of weight lifting along with proper form, and how to love themselves.

I want to reach the women who think being healthy is hard & show them that it’s not. You don’t need hours a day, a gym, or to be healthy to start. Way too many people tell me that once they lose weight they’ll start working out with me- what?! No! Start NOW with me to help you lose the weight and to feel better. You don’t have to workout solely to look great in a bikini, to lose weight, or for any aesthetic reason. You can do it for stress relief, to sleep better, to have more energy during the day, to help with joint pain, or any other reason!

I know so many ladies don’t have time to get to the gym- or can’t, or are just intimidated by even the thought of it. That’s why I created my challenges… My goal is to help women love their self, take 30 minutes a day for them self, to have more energy, to feel better, & to learn that anyone can workout. Fitness has no age limit, no weight limit, or any other limit! It doesn’t have to be boring & monotonous.



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