Lately I’ve had so many thoughts and feelings that I felt like there were too ma…

Lately I’ve had so many thoughts and feelings that I felt like there were too many to type. I’ve also not felt like sharing much on social media because for the past couple of years social media has been such a crucial part of my business that it began to become a chore.

I hated thinking of captions that would make people respond, or choosing a photo that would be worthy of likes- fuck it.

I’m busy living life off of social media & don’t feel like I’m required to constantly post on social media every little detail for people who just want to be nosy so they can go gossip.

Sure, I have a lot of people who actually like me on my social media- but I can’t live my life for those people either.
& then of course you have those who are just here for my body- which is fine, but I’m more than a body.
My soul is just as beautiful as my body, if not more.

You’re probably wondering why I used this photo for this caption…
Because my heart hurts that photos of dogs and me at the rescue barely have any interaction or engagement. It made me mad honestly- mad that people who follow me don’t care about the thing that means the most to me.

So now that I have your attention,
I’m thrilled to say I took a part time job at Alaqua Animal Refuge, not because I wanted to be paid- but because it holds me accountable, gives me something to do that I look forward to & truly LOVE.
We aren’t there to get rich, meet sales goals, or grow a company. We are all there to love and care for animals who can’t do it for themselves. My heart has never been so full & I’m just getting started. Those dogs don’t realize they’re helping me more than I could ever help them.

I’m not asking for praise or recognition, I’m asking for you to look at peoples souls & passions as closely as you monitor their bodies, personal lives, or the rumors you hear.
To those of you who have always done that, thank you.♥️


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