These photos are one year apart. The photo on the left was right before I star…

These photos are one year apart.

The photo on the left was right before I started working with Dr. Koukis to balance my hormones. I had been on and off different birth controls for a few years trying to find one that worked but they all only ruined my hormonal balance. I was sleeping enough, managing stress, exercising consistently, & eating healthy but my body did not look or feel the way I knew it should according to my lifestyle. I began getting cellulite, my skin was breaking out & oily, I had no energy, I was constantly bloated, my joints hurt, my mood including anxiety/depression were terrible, & I just felt bad.

The photo on the right is one year after balancing my hormones. I did not change my eating habits, exercise routine, or lifestyle- ONLY my hormones and I’m now 20lbs down & feel incredible.

If you are eating healthy (I’m talking 98% of the time), drinking enough water, sleeping at least 7-8 hours nightly, & exercising 4x a week minimum but still feel like your body doesn’t look or feel the way it should- it could be hormones.

First,you have to look at all of the above because without doing those, you will NOT look or feel great & Dr. Koukis will stress this as well.

She does bioidentical hormone therapy but with mine I didn’t have to take any hormones, only a few natural supplements & a rx to lower my testosterone.

Email her if you’d like info. Insurance does NOT cover this. It’s around $250 for testing then the cost of supplements/meds.

For a full list of all supplements I take, read the blog post linked below

Contact my doctor via her email below

We’re talking about it in my group!


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