We have 2 spots open for April & 5 spots open for June. These are going QUICK so…

We have 2 spots open for April & 5 spots open for June. These are going QUICK so message me for details on how to reserve a spot.

Stop waiting for the “perfect time.” It’s NOW. I’m amazing at posing & styling, Styles by Kate Long is the BOMB at hair/makeup, & Casey Kelley Photography is incredible- I PROMISE you will love these & the new found confidence you’ll have.


Here’s what these beautiful ladies had to say about their shoot:

“Let me just start off by saying thank you… Thank you to three amazing talented women who not only have been professional, caring and understanding but have become someone that I can call friend now❤️.

I am a mother of 5 and a grandmother and today I did a photo shoot to celebrate myself as a woman with all my flaws and perfections I have. The meaning behind today’s shoot will have a positive effect on the girls I raise and the women in my life and I’m proud of that.

Feeling confident, beautiful,secure and accomplished no matter what stage of life you are in is probably one of the most freeing feelings you can have…. trust me babes I know😘”
– Kalina Gatewood

“If you have EVER thought about doing a boudoir photo shoot – Now is the time! I have been working on myself for awhile now, but I will admit that I literally teared up when I was shown my picture on the camera! Never at any point have I thought I looked like that!! This was truly an investment in MY self-esteem; plus my husband liked it too 😉. I am posting just a few more conservative ones (but I had clothing on during the entire shoot – so don’t worry about that). Don’t wait until you lose that extra 10 pounds or to grow your hair a little longer… Make your investment in yourself now.”
– Tammy Chitwood

“Ladies… invest in yourself!!! I had so much fun this past weekend with Saje Cox Loftin , Casey, and Katelyn Brock Long !! Never once did I feel uncomfortable around these ladies! If you have ever thought about doing this for yourself, I would highly recommend! What a confidence booster this was!!! Never thought stretch marks could look sexy but here it is!!! ❤️”
– Amber Lenae Boyd


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